Outdoor Living in Colorado Winters

Whether you live in the foothills or somewhere around the Denver metro area, the fall and winter time are bittersweet for many Coloradans. We all love to spend so much time outdoors; the leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping and eventually the first white snow blankets our landscape. These changes are welcome after a hot, dry summer, but the frosty evening temperatures makes it very difficult to get outside to enjoy that outdoor patio or deck. In fact, many times that outdoor space that was so wonderful in June becomes un-useable in November. And THAT is the beauty of an outdoor room. Imagine reading comfortably by an outdoor fireplace or grilling the perfect steak, while just a few feet in front of you the snow is falling, the ground is frozen and the temperatures are 40 degrees cooler. This is all possible with the right design, engineering and construction. An outdoor room can have half height walls, full height glass walls or be completely open. The openness of your outdoor space is joined with the comfort of a heated floor beneath you. Craftsman Outdoors can design and build an outdoor room to meet your exact use and taste. The spaces we create blend new technology and traditional craftsmanship to create an environment that is comfortable for all four Colorado seasons and can do so without high energy costs. The typical approach to an outdoor room involves a fully enclosed “sun room” that is terribly cold in the winter and incredibly hot during the summer. Come see how we are revolutionizing the outdoor room and customizing it to Your outdoor living space!

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