per·go·la \′pər-gə-lə\

a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders, cross rafters and purlins

ar·bor \′är-bər\

a shelter of vines or branches or of latticework covered with climbing shrubs or vines

trel·lis \′tre-ləs\

a frame of latticework used as a screen or as a support for climbing plants

Pergolas both serve a purpose and are visually appealing. They help to cool decks and patios on hot Colorado summer days as well as to provide architectural curb appeal to your home.

Let Craftsman Outdoors design the perfect outdoor space for your family and friends to enjoy throughout most of the Colorado seasons. You will enjoy our high-quality craftsmanship, use of sustainable lumber, and professionally tailored designs for years to come. And pergolas are wonderful in many applications; not just over a deck or patio. Think of gardens, entrances, outdoor kitchens, or over a section of beautifully manicured lawn. The ideas are endless! Let us help you design that outdoor escape of your dreams.

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For those DIYers out there, we have some exciting news! Craftsman Outdoors is excited to announce that we will be rolling out customizable kit pergolas very soon. Please keep an eye out on our website for updates, or feel free to Contact Us if you would be interested. ​